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Current Funding

2020-2025 R01 ES031253 Impact of Particle and Ozone Inhalation Co-Exposure on Alveolar Epithelial Regeneration NIH/NIEHS Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES), Career Development Award
Role: Principal Investigator

2020-2021            An association of NOD Like Receptor expression and single nucleotide polymorphism with susceptibility and severity of COVID-19     U54 GM104942   (Hodder)   Role: Principal Investigator – Pilot PI

2017-2022 Faculty Startup Funding, West Virginia University School of Medicine
PI: Salik Hussain, PhD

Completed Funding

2018-2019 Occupational and Environmental Co-Exposures: Prospects of Novel Lung Pathologies and Susceptibilities U54 GM104942   (Hodder)  
Role: Principal Investigator-Pilot Project